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We save you time, money and eliminate your hiring headaches! 

Our experienced recruiting specialists utilize job posting, social media
and in-house data to identify quality candidates to fulfill your hiring needs.

We perform a thorough screening to ensure potential candidates
are objectively evaluated, based on skills and traits important to you.

Our professional interviewers speak directly with candidates by telephone
or in person to assess their skills and match with your company culture and guidelines.

Watch the video below to review our service

Almost any business will find themselves needing assistance when it comes to effectively sourcing, screening and hiring the right talent to fill their critical personnel needs.  When that time comes, the answer is First Interview Service.  We’ll save you money, time and hiring headaches.  Our proven and effective program will accelerate the hiring process from advertising, resume screening and initial interviewing to get the right candidates to you for the final hiring decision.  It’s about getting it done.

Contact us M-F 9am-5pm at 440-243-5300.