Our Process

Depending on your needs, we have a range of options. However, if you’re looking for full service here’s how it works:


Step One

Finding the best fit is crucial when adding someone new to your organization. We learn all we can about your job opening and culture.


Step Two

We source and attract candidates from our exclusive database and online resume resources.Our creative postings on select job boards


Step Three

Using your guidelines for requirements and traits, viable candidates are selected and contacted for a telephone interview by your recruiting specialist.


Step Four

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN… The final step is turning over to you the best of the best so that you can meet the candidates face-to-face.

about us

ELIMINATE HIGH COST EMPLOYMENT AGENCY FEES our low cost hourly rate can save you more than 75%


Our experienced HR specialists utilize job posting, social media and in-house data to identify quality candidates to fulfill your hiring needs.


We perform a thorough screening to ensure potential candidates are objectively evaluated, based on skills and traits important to you.


Our professional interviewers speak directly with candidates by telephone or in person to assess their skills and match with your company culture and guidelines.


What We do

First Interview Service was established to help budget-conscious employers make the best hiring decision.

The simple truth is this — sourcing and interviewing candidates to fill your critical openings can be a big drain on most businesses and their staff. It’s also disruptive to daily operations and lacks confidentially. Normally you know someone is a “NO” in the first few minutes of a personal interview, yet keep going to be courteous, feel stuck or hope they’ll prove you wrong. This is unfair to the candidate and certainly a big waste of your time. Our full service program eliminates many issues and saves you those wasted hours, and sometimes days, out of your busy week interviewing unqualified people.

Hiring right is crucial for any employer as each new hire is a bigger part of the team. Our service specializes in good old fashion recruiting of candidates based on each client’s specific job requirements. We also use the latest technology to promote your openings on job sites, business networks, advertising venues and much more.

By using our interviewing specialists, we secure excellent candidates for less–saving time, money and stress. Our HR expertise allows you to get ahead of your competitors in order to hire the best candidates available in the market.

Our model is an affordable hourly or flat fee so you won’t be hit by a large cost at the end of the campaign. There are no long-term contracts and we stand behind our work with an unconditional guarantee.


Depending on your needs, we have a range of options. However, if you’re looking for full service here’s how it works:


Value of Performing Background Screens

Performing background checks for potential new hires is necessary to making smart hiring decisions. Applicants can easily provide you false or purposefully misleading information. It makes sense to perform due diligence and run a background screen. Here are a few excellent tips for performing this task that should help you through this very important process. Always ask for consent. You … Continue reading Value of Performing Background Screens


Six Awesome Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

I consider myself a pretty healthy person. I eat the right foods (granted I permit myself a weekly cheat meal or sometimes cheat day). I exercise regularly (weights and cardio at least five days a week).


Why do companies today need RPO?

I A good argument can be made for the need of RPO in companies. It decentralizes work and helps companies concentrate on their core competencies.


The Workforce is Restless.

Latest evidence: Almost half of employees who said they’re happy with their organizations and their jobs are nonetheless looking for greener pastures, according to new research from Mercer.
That’s right: Employees who said they are very satisfied with their organizations and their jobs (45% and 42%, respectively) are looking to leave.